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How to configure a trusted SQL Server connection
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Braxton Çevrimdışı

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Katılım: May 2018
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How to configure a trusted SQL Server connection

I'm using ZEOSLib 7.1.0-alfa. Lazarus 1.0.8/SVN 40573/win32/fpc 2.6.2. OS: Win 7, 32 bit. With TZConnection.Protocol set to either mssql, FreeTDS_MsSQL>=2005 or FreeTDS_MsSQL-2000 I am unable to work out how to connect to a database configured only for "Windows Authentication" This isn't a DLL issue. It took me an embarrasingly long time to solve that (nicked nwdblib.dll from SQL Server 2000 SP4 for Protocol=mssql, and added msvcr100.dll along with msdblibr.dll for Protocol=FreeTDS_XXX) I can make a connection to a test database if I specify a database user/password. Unfortunately the database I need to connect to is only configured for "Windows Authentication Mode", and simply leaving User/Password blank on TZConnection raises the error "The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection". Also, this isn't a database issue. I've confirmed with a variety of tools, including an ADO app written in Delphi a few years back, that my currently logged in user is fully able to connect to the database without passing any configured credentials through. Someone over on the Lazarus forum suggested I try added "trusted=yes" to the Connection Properties. When I do that I get a "NULL DBPROCESS pointer encountered". It was a great idea though as it got me tracing through the code, and finally got me here. So, anyone any idea what I should be passing into TZConnection.Properties? Or if there is something else I should be trying?

Please help.

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16-05-2018 12:09
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