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Latest Greatest e-Commerce solution?
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Braxton Çevrimdışı

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Katılım: May 2018
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Latest Greatest e-Commerce solution?

OK, I've googled and searched here and I'm sick of wading through zencart posts from 2007 or solutions for phpbb2. The problem is I'm not very good at finding the latest greatest solution, and I'm kind of chagrined still from spending many weeks last year trying to get an outdated version of something to work, only to find there was an unattached project on the same code base that was SOOO much further along.So, that said, what is currently the best option to put store/inventory and cart into phpBB3? Checkout would be nice, but I'll be happy to review and research the features myself... I really just don't want to waste any more time on outdated information!

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Business video marketing studio

16-05-2018 12:12
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