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eCommerce shopping cart
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Braxton Çevrimdışı

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Katılım: May 2018
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eCommerce shopping cart

I see that CouchCMS will allow you add a single product without parameters (size, colour, etc.) via PayPal - which is great for simple, single items. The only thing I see that's missing from the system is the ability to run a proper shopping cart with multiple selections and multiple parameters. These days with the online shopping experience exploding, this is a major shortcoming.I LOVE the idea of this CMS and would jump on it immediately, and I will for normal websites, but the majority of people start with a simple system and then at some point want a shopping cart. I'd hate to have to re-develop a system just because it didn't cater for a proper shopping experience.Do you guys have a timeline for when this facility will be available to make this a product CMS that people will love even more?

Please help.

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16-05-2018 12:12
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