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E-Commerce Co-Working Space
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Braxton Çevrimdışı

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Katılım: May 2018
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E-Commerce Co-Working Space

I am based in Atlanta and this new co-working space opened up that is specifically targeted to E-commerce sellers. It seems really interesting and it also has an on-site warehouse that can provide fulfillment services for better rates than FBA. What seems great is the fact that they have lots of events and workshops throughout week related specifically to improving your E-commerce business. However, you need to become a member in order to attend all of these events (which are free once a member). Membership fee will be $300 a month, which also allows you to use a desk, wifi, coffee etc.. I'm trying to decide if the $300/mo. is worth it or not... I think it could be valuable investment to grow my business, but I wanted to hear some feedback!

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Digital advertising agency

08-05-2018 13:54
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